Eat This, Not That – How This Diet Lets You Eat Anything

Miss Your Foods?

Have you grown tired of watching everyone around you enjoy a nice, juicy steak slathered in melted butter while you munch on your salad and internally cry?  Are you sick of not being able to swing through your favorite burger joint and grab that luscious double bacon cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake?  Are you dreaming about dancing popsicles and buttery slices of bread and chocolate syrup dripping down your massive banana sundae?  Diets are hard because of cravings, and usually, that is exactly what people give into when they begin one.  Then one craving turns into two, and soon you are telling yourself that you will give it the good ol’ “college try” tomorrow because today has already been ruined now that you are dipping your refried corn-dog in a mayonnaise and ketchup mixture while sitting in a vat full of jello.

Now…listen to me closely.
Are you ready for the diet plan that allows you to do that?
No, really.  I’m serious.

What Is It?

The Eat This, Not That plan revolves around making the best decisions for yourself when your cravings arise.  It talks you through what an ideal diet plan is, and then educates you in making healthier choices without forgoing that beautiful chocolate-slathered strawberry that is sitting in that clear windowsill of your favorite bakery.  And the best part?  There are no specific guidelines to working out, except for encouraging you to get out and take a little walk.  This diet is centered around helping you look up and be conscious of what is in your food so that you are enlightened enough about your food choices to make the better decision.

I Don’t Believe You

For example: you wake up that morning and are craving a ridiculous stack of red velvet pancakes slathered in cream cheese sauce with a massive side of hashbrowns.  Sounds great, right?  Well, that fun little meal at your favorite breakfast joint is jam-packed with almost 2000 calories alone.  2000!


So, it encourages you to look up other ways to get what you want.  Want hashbrowns?  Instead of the large portion, which runs you (will all of the trimmings) a whopping 672 calories, opt for the small portion with just one of your toppings for anything between 389 and 496 calories.  See the difference in caloric intake?  And those velvety pancakes!  Look up what a regular stack is.  Those red velvet pancakes are over 1000 calories!  However, a large stack of regular pancakes, syrup and butter included, is about 702 calories.

1082 calories versus over 2000?  That’s pretty much a no-brainer.  And you still get your pancakes and your hashbrowns!  I would say that is a win in my book.

That is what  Eat This, Not That diet is all about.  It does not seek to change your eating habits, but to simply educate you on other alternatives for your cravings without telling you that your chocolate cravings means you need magnesium and then telling you to eat spinach.

You didn’t want leaves, you wanted chocolate.

But How Do You Lose Weight!?

You must be thinking about how in the world someone actually loses weight on this type of diet.  Well, it’s just like any other diet: it’s not temporary.  It is something that you consistently and actively work on.  Yes, it starts out by trading one fast food cheeseburger for the one that has the lowest caloric intake.  You strike those calories without having to change your diet or routine, and you see a few pounds dropped in water weight and maybe one or two in actual weight.  But, what happens when you get to the lowest caloric hamburger in your fast-food world?  You continue to do what the diet asks for: find the lowest calorie option to you.  Maybe it’s a take-out burger from a restaurant, or maybe it’s making it yourself with all of the trimmings at home, but eventually you begin to see lower calorie options by forgoing the burger altogether.  This diet makes calorie-counting a habit: switch one option for a lower option, and then your body begins to seek out the lowest option instead of the burger.

But what happens when you stalemate?  Maybe your “on-the-go” lifestyle does not allow you time to begin cooking some of your meals, but you know you still need to trim your calorie intake down even further to reach your goal?  You might want to research weight loss supplements like Phen375 to give you that little bit of a boost in your metabolism and suppressing of your appetite.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

A few key things when starting out on this “no diet” journey: there are some “diet” foods that do much more harm than good, and will do nothing but get in your way when finding success with the diet that is very much an “un-diet.”  For example: diet drinks.  Sodas with the term “diet” in front of them do nothing but harm, and are actually linked to metabolic disorders that can, in the end, actually prevent you from losing weight.  Low-calorie meal bars are another one, since they are loaded with just about as much sugar as that meal you are trying to avoid, and also have refined carbs in them which makes them very fattening.  Another one to stay away from?  Products on shelves that propose themselves to be gluten-free.  Your mind jumps and thinks, “No gluten!?  No carbs!  Yeah!”  But that is far from the case.  These things are so highly processed that they are no better than the gluten product you are trying to replace!  These products were not made to be a healthy alternative, they were made so that those with gluten intolerance’s could still enjoy things that us gluten eaters can enjoy without the side effects of bowel pain and nausea.

Some people have different ways of achieving that lower caloric intake without trimming their calories down anymore than they wish.  Some find lower carb alternatives to things, some begin to get outside and walk for a bit of exercise, and some even begin to gravitate towards that healthier menu on fast food menus!  I know, it’s scandalous, trading your chocolate for your leaves, but that’s what a diet is supposed to do: it’s supposed to give you guidelines to follow in order to jumpstart a much healthier existence.  It’s not supposed to be something you do for a few weeks or months before reverting back to the way you were.  With any diet, you need to be prepared in an overall change, one that starts now and continues for years down the road.

But let me tell you something: a diet that lets me eat a fast food burger is a diet I can adhere to in my book.

Author Bio:

Shalini Das, certified Dietition and Nutritionist from New Delhi , India. Working as a Freelance Lifestyle Nutrition Advisor since 2014 .As a nutritionist, I have vast experience in handling cases such as obesity, hypo-thyroid, diabetes, hyper-tension, anemia for women and children. I offer free customized diet plans based on the person’s life-style issues. You can message me if you are having any questions on Diet and supplements

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