How To Start Your Own Successful Blog in Less Than an Hour!

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Starting a website is hard!

or is it?

By using this step by step guide I can help you get from nothing to a blog in less than an hour. This guide is very easy to follow and even if you are a beginner you will be able to get through it and be on your way to a successful website/blog.


Step 1. Choose a platform, domain name and a host account

Step 2. Create your own design using a theme

Step 3. Modify design to fit your look and needs

step 4. Create content that will draw people to your blog/website


From my experience will all hosting providers I highly suggest using Bluehost. At a cost of $3.49/month and some of the best support I have used you can go wrong. Use this link to get 40% off your monthly price as well as a free domain.


How to start a website/blog: A step-by-step easy guide


Do not worry if you have no idea how to start. I didn’t either when I first started and many others do not as well. Following this guide will lead you to a complete and amazing website/blog.


  1. Domain and hosting: As noted above you can do this all in just a few clicks. Visit this link and choose the cheapest hosting plan. Once you have chosen your hosting plan you will be able to buy a domain. Note that the exact domain you want may not be available so be created. Once you have all of this and ordered. You will be redirected to a page called a cpanel. On this page go to wordpress and follow the steps choosing your newly created domain
  2. Choosing a theme. This is really really simple and with so many options you should be able to find the exact look your are looking for. Note: Most themes allow you to modify all theme, colors, fonts and much more. Go to Themeforest and check out all of the options.
  3. Modifying/Styling: Once all of the above is completed. This is where your creativity comes into play. Using the theme menu within your wordpress login page, play with different colours, layouts and fonts to get exactly what you want. I also highly suggest you installed tools such as Feedburner and Google Analytics. These two options will allow you to track everything that goes on, on your blog.
  4. Plugins: Plugins are an amazing way to add value and extras to your site. These can be anything from connecting your social accounts to adding pictures to your site. Note: Do not use to many plugins as it may slow down your site. I recommend no more than 10 plugins but not a huge deal if you go over that. Try and get plugins that have a lot of users and a good rating.
  5. Linkbait/Content/Media: Time to add some awesome compelling content to your site! Alright so your have two options for content on your site. You can write posts(These are usually your daily/weekly posts etc.). Also you can have pages. Pages are static pages that you want to stay on your main page or in your navigation. For example: About us, Contact page, shop, etc.


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