Jump Start Your Gluten-Free Diet eBook

Jump Start Your Gluten Free Diet

With this free guide you’ll understand the differences between celiac disease, intolerances, and allergies; learn about the 300+ signs and symptoms associated with celiac disease, genetic and antibody blood testing, diagnosis, and required follow-up testing; and understand safe/unsafe ingredients, how to safely cook at home, and learn tips on dining out.


  • Written by The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and created by GlutenFree Passport
  • Details medical considerations such as symptoms, testing, and diagnosis
  • Provides gluten free food ideas, recipes, and expert dining/travel advice excerpted from Let’s Eat Out!
  • Free eBook with 60,000+ downloads worldwide
  • Dedicated to raising awareness, increasing diagnosis rates, and meeting the needs of people affected by celiac disease worldwide
  • Download the full-color PDF

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